Automotive TV and Radio

Radio and Television for Various Larry H. Miller Dealerships.

Copywriter/Video Producer/Audio Director/ Casting

Price Protection Penny: Couch

Ford King: Drive-Thru

Ford King: Tailgate

Screaming Deals: Shattered Glass

Screaming Deals: Headphones

Screaming Deals: Sports

Screaming Deals: Delicate Items

Sweet Ride: Date Night

Unreal Deals: Psychiatrist

Unreal Deals: Park Ranger

Wasatch Front Ford Dealers: Utah Royals

Smile of Satisfaction: Splash

Smile of Satisfaction: Movie Night

Larry H. Miller Southwest Hyundai—The First Hyundai of the Rest of Your Life

Larry H. Miller Southwest Hyundai—Superhero

Larry H. Miller Southwest Hyundai —Gym Bag

Larry H. Miller Ford Lincoln Sandy— Dollar Bill Returns

Larry H. Miller Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Provo Radio—You Know You Want It

Larry H. Miller Provo Auto Campus Radio—Bang and Boom

Larry H. Miller Lexus Spokane —Your Home For Affordable Luxury